Insurance & Billing

As a courtesy to you, the Peninsula Surgery Center will assist with billing your insurance. To enable us to bill your insurance correctly, please bring all current insurance information and insurance card(s) with you at the time of your appointment.

The balance due is the patient’s responsibility. Payment will be requested from you if your insurance company has not paid within 60 days. We currently accept checks, credit cards, money orders, and cashier’s checks.

Prior to a scheduled procedure contact your insurance company to verify that Peninsula Surgery Center participates in your plan and what your plans coverage and benefits allow. Questions you should ask your insurance company:

  • Is the procedure to be performed is a covered benefit under your plan?
  • Do you have outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) coverage?
  • What is your yearly deductible?
  • Has your deductible been met?
  • Do you have an ASC co-payment?
  • Do you have co-insurance?
  • What is your out-of-pocket maximum per year

Because of changes in the healthcare industry, insurance does not always pay for all care. By contacting your insurance company and asking the above questions you will have some idea of what you may be responsible for paying.

Uninsured and/or cash pay patients will be asked to pay for services on or before admission unless other arrangements are made.

In addition to the facility invoice, you will receive separate bills for services rendered from the Surgery Center from the following:

  • Physician who performed your procedure
  • Anesthesiologist (if one is required for your procedure)
  • Outside laboratory technical and professional fees (if a biopsy or blood specimens are required)